Renewal, Resources, and Re-Focus for the journey ahead

What's the Destination

What does God have in store for me, for us, and for our church

What's the Next Step

Renewal, Resources, and Re-Focus for the journey ahead

Where to Experience Retreat

In the Mountains of Colorado or at a location of your choice

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What does God have in store for me, for us, and for our church in the coming season?

After effective seasons of mission and ministry – leaders often come to the end of their vision. Unless they can see the destination on the distant horizon, they can get stuck or descend down a slippery slope.  

Hearing the voice of God in these seasons can sometimes be difficult. Perhaps like Elijah, we have been zealous for the Lord and feel as if we are alone in ministry. In seasons like this, we need to imitate the example of Jesus who would draw the disciples away for times of Retreat, Renewal, and to Re-Focus for the coming season.


Renewal, Resources, and Re-Focus for the journey ahead  

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Are you weary, burned out, and desperate to see the face of God? Jesus reminded his disciples during a challenging season to “remain in me … no branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine to bear much fruit.” So come, pull up a chair and experience Renewal as you sit by the fire with God.

The Thrive Coaching Network has been walking alongside leaders for more than a decade and is now providing Resources for pastors, couples, and for teams. 3-day Retreat Resources range from Fruit that Lasts (John 15), Living the Greats (Matt 22 & 28), or Called OUT (Acts 2). Looking for a customized Retreat experience or just a space to get away – let us know and we will develop a plan just for you.

The Retreat journey will help you to start where you are – it begins in Love as you consider how God is journeying with you in the midst of What Is in your context. As you hear God’s voice, you will journey into Hope as you begin to discern God’s direction and consider What Could Be. The Retreat journey ultimately invites you to Re-Focus as you expectantly identify What Will Be as you take steps forward in Faith


In the Mountains of Colorado or at a location of your choice 

“Taste and see that the Lord is good” in the beauty of the Colorado mountains near Fort Collins. The Retreat can comfortably accommodate up to 9 guests. The Retreat provides a magnificent 2-story timber frame Great Room, a large Upper Room space for purpose or play, as well as abundant spaces for guests to listen and reflect on one of the 4 decks or in 2 Abiding Time spaces that are a short hike while still on property. View a few pictures of the Retreat at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to experience a Retreat with your team at a location of your choice, simply complete the form provided on this page including the location of your desired Retreat.

Great Room
Loft Gateway
Welcome Foyer
Loft Bedroom 1
Loft Bedroom 2
Great Room
Loft Gateway and Play space
Loft Purpose & Play space
Main Level Bedroom
Patio Level Bedroom
Deck Dining area
Abiding Time Reflection space
Deck Reflection space
Dining area
Kitchen Gathering space

Take the disciple Self-assessment

The disciple self-assessment tool has been designed to help you identify where you are on your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ by providing 30 questions related to your Character (being like Jesus) and your Competency (doing the things that Jesus did).