Our Team

The Thrive Coaching Network team has been journeying together since 2012. Collectively we share a passion to catalyze disciple-making leaders who produce kingdom fruit that lasts. Our practitioners and partners provide time-tested tools, training, and tactical planning that will help you multiply disciples in your context. 

jeff allen

Founder + Lead Coach

Jeff is a disciple of Jesus who is living into his passion to walk alongside leaders who are looking to Thrive as disciples and as disciple-making leaders. As a part of his work with the Thrive Coaching Network, Jeff equips leaders across North America and to the ends of the earth in partnership with local leaders in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Jeff earned his Master of Divinity degree from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. Jeff and his wife Elyse reside in Colorado and have three grown children.

Thrive Practitioner Leaders

Our practitioners are living examples of a multiplication mindset in their local context:

Elyse Allen

Coach / CO

Elyse is science teacher, mother, and practitioner disciple and disciple-maker.  In addition to many roles as a full-time equipper, she is an accomplished cook, gardener, and encourager for her friends, family, and spouse. Elyse also loves to travel and explore. Elyse and Jeff have been married since 1986 and have 3 adult children.  

Jim Ellis

Coach / ND

Jim is a beloved child of the King, a husband, a father to two kiddos, discipleship pastor in North Dakota. He loves to run long distances. Jim is a Colorado native, yet is very fond of the midwest. He loves Chipotle burritos, Ethiopian coffee, and listening to vinyl. 

Vinnie Hanke

Coach / ID

Vinnie is a disciple of Jesus who serves as pastor of Valley Life Community Church in Meridian, Idaho. He is husband to his wife Sherri, Father to his three children, Noah, Norah, and Novalee. He is passionate about making disciples, developing leaders, and planting churches. Vinnie also loves all things Dodger baseball.

International Coaches

Around the World

The vision of the Thrive Coaching Network is to Catalyze Leaders with a Multiplication Mindset on every Continent. This vision is becoming a reality as we celebrate partnerships with these international coaches:   

  • Kenya – George Kamau, Joyce Maina, James Mwagi, Jeremiah Omwoyo, and Christopher Thuo
  • Latvia – Dainis Pandars
  • Philippines – Jovin and Jonah Lim, Martin and Honey Segovia, Melo and Zende Tamisen, and Roland and Mariel Tejada

Scott Millen

Coach / MI

Scott is the Creative Principal and Managing Partner at 2 Fish Company, LLC., a creative and marketing consultancy. Scott and his team help businesses creatively and ethically communicate their stories and ruminate on the “next big thing”. Scott perceives the 21st century marketplace as the intersection of Christ and Culture, and works to help traffic flow smoothly, in and out of the church. Scott and Shelly have three boys, one girl, and a dog named Calvin.

Yvonne Nash

Coach / AZ

Yvonne is a disciple who makes disciples. She is a wife to her husband Anthony, mother of 3 adult children Victoria, Isaiah, and Noah, and I is a full-time Discipleship & Outreach Pastor at her local church. Yvonne accepted Christ in her early 20’s, became a Christ follower in her early 30’s, and became a pastor in 2017. Yvonne simply loves people well. She shares that she strived and suffered throughout her life and it’s that life that has prepared her for great Kingdom impact.

Jacob VanDerLinden

Coach / SD

Jake is a pastor in Yankton, SD on the Missouri River. A husband and a father of two boys, he is passionate about many things ranging from walking, movies, books, MN Twins, Denver Broncos, board games and Star Trek. One of the biggest passions that has been growing in him is a passion to not just call himself a Christian but to live as Jesus did.

Gary Westra

Coach / ID

Gary is a lead pastor in Wendell, ID. I connected with thrive3 when I was experiencing a holy dissatisfaction with discipleship in the local church. Years later, 3 generations of leaders have been raised up to lead the congregation into a new season of ministry. I celebrate the opportunity to walk alongside emerging leaders who are looking forward to a coming season of Kingdom harvest.

Thrive Network partners

Our collaborative partners deliver tools, resources, and strategic expertise that will catalyze leaders in your context:

2 Fish Company, LLC


Marketing Solutions that help you make waves 

BMI Oasis


Revitalize, Refocus, and Renew your Clarity of Calling + Klesis Institute

Chestly Lunday, LLC


Unlock the Power of Generational Engagement

Ikthus Network


To follow and make MISSIONAL followers of Jesus Christ 

East Africa Partnership


Helping people of East Africa in a holistic & sustainable way

Transitional Leadership Network


Pastoral Transition to greater Health & Vitality

Take the disciple Self-assessment

The disciple self-assessment tool has been designed to help you identify where you are on your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ by providing 30 questions related to your Character (being like Jesus) and your Competency (doing the things that Jesus did).