Living the Missional Adventure

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Picturing your MISSIONAL Call, Living Example, and Journey as a Disciple 


The pages of the New Testament tell the stories of leaders who are Living the Missional Adventure. Their stories demonstrate a commitment to the Call of God on ordinary people who live their lives in extra-ordinary ways. 


Living the Missional Adventure TODAY

Today, disciples and leaders from vastly different contexts are taking faithful steps to live out the kind of lives we read about in the New Testament. Over the last few years I have been blessed to witness leaders across North America, Africa, and Asia being moved by the Holy Spirit and demonstrating the Missional Adventure.


Coaching & Workshop Resources

Time serving as a Guide on the Side to leaders who are listening and demonstrating obedience to God has led to the development of a new best practice resource for you, your team, and leaders in your context. This new resource will help you and your team to picture your MISSIONAL Call, your Living Example, your Journey as a Disciple of Jesus, as well as gain a perspective of the harvest on the Coming Horizon as you move forward in faith.


Next Step

Interested in learning more about Living the Missional Adventure? Tap the button below to experience my Message shared on June 4, 2023 in the Philippines. Would you like to talk about personal or team Coaching or perhaps having a Half-Day Workshop in your context? Drop Jeff Allen an email at

Take the disciple Self-assessment

The disciple self-assessment tool has been designed to help you identify where you are on your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ by providing 30 questions related to your Character (being like Jesus) and your Competency (doing the things that Jesus did).