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Core Practices of Following Jesus 


Do you remember Show and Tell?  It’s simple – first you Show … and then you Tell.  Yet it seems that in our day, simple and significant things are sometimes forgotten. Being a follower of Jesus is more than simply being a TELLER or even a LEARNER. Being a follower of Jesus is a journey of a lifetime centered in the Word of God and in the Way of Jesus.  It is a journey that changes the way we think, look, and live. It should definitely change the life we SHOW and the ways in which we TELL God’s story to others.   



Introducing the Core Practices of Following Jesus e-course. A new resource developed by the Thrive Coaching Network in partnership with 3DM. Over the coming weeks, look here for glimpses of this new Content resource that provides anytime access … as well as Coaching to help you move the information provided into imitation in your life.


Tap the video below to get today’s glimpse of the coming e-course.  Interested in learning more? Drop Jeff Allen an email at

Take the disciple Self-assessment

The disciple self-assessment tool has been designed to help you identify where you are on your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ by providing 30 questions related to your Character (being like Jesus) and your Competency (doing the things that Jesus did).