Thankful Heart

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Insight & Encouragement

For NETWORK Leaders


The Thrive Coaching Network provides a NETWORK for disciple-making leaders to be Relationally Engaged & Spiritually Ignited. Provided below is a glimpse from our most recent NETWORK online gathering.


Psalm 95:2 and More

Let us come before God with thanksgiving and extol him with music and songThankful has been my 2023 Word for the Year. My reflections and study of thankfulness throughout the year has led me to a 3-fold understanding of this word and theme in my life and journey as a leader. May your heart be encouraged with Focus, with Friends, and with your understanding of God’s provision and Fulfillment.


Be Encouraged

Tap below to view this installment of INSIGHT & ENCOURAGEMENT.

Take the disciple Self-assessment

The disciple self-assessment tool has been designed to help you identify where you are on your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ by providing 30 questions related to your Character (being like Jesus) and your Competency (doing the things that Jesus did).