Culture of Generosity

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Shaping a Discipleship Culture of Generosity 


It seems that everyone is talking about Generosity these days. But you know, talking about generosity and actually being generous are two completely different things. 


In this season of Thanksgiving – here are some insights about Shaping a Discipleship Culture of Generosity from coach Eric Martin, ACC:


Generosity is a popular topic in the church today and the word is often used interchangeably with stewardship, tithing, giving, or even fund-raising. Webster defines Generosity as “abundance, or ample proportions,” being “liberal in giving, or openhanded”, and having a “great generosity of spirit.”  Generosity involves much more than just giving or a fund-raising initiative – Generosity is a lifestyle that impacts your life personally, your church collectively, and provides a tangible expression of the Kingdom of God in your community. Ultimately, Generosity is Discipleship! Generosity is a daily demonstration of Thankfulness as we openhandedly share the abundant Kingdom resources God has entrusted into our care.   


Generosity and More

In the new year, anticipate hearing more about Culture of Generosity resources from Eric Martin. In the remaining weeks of this year, count your blessings and celebrate: God’s grace, God’s forgiveness, God’s provision, and God’s abundance! With a heart of Thanksgiving, demonstrate Generosity to others through the overflow of your daily life. God is Good! All the Time! 


Next Step

Interested in learning more about Shaping a Discipleship Culture of Generosity? Drop Jeff Allen an email at And if you want to demonstrate Generosity, tap the button below.  

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