3 Stages of Thriving in Culture Change / WEBINAR

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3 Stages of Thriving in Culture Change


Join Jeff Allen and Cam Taylor for a FREE Interactive Webinar on April 20 @ 10am (Mountain) as they share insights on the 3 Stages of Thriving in Culture Change.  


Cam Taylor is the Team Leader of the Transitional Leadership Network and brings expertise in the area of transitional ministry, church health, and as an experienced transition coach.  Jeff Allen is the Founder and Lead Coach of the Thrive Coaching Network and brings expertise as a pastor who serves as a guide on the side to leaders who are building a disciple-making culture in their context.


FREE Webinar / REGISTRATION Required

The insights in this 1-hour interactive webinar are FREE, but you will need to register in order to receive the Zoom link. Join Jeff and Cam as they unpack the key principles to Thrive in the midst of church culture change. Tap the button below in order to Register for the Webinar. Register TODAY!

Take the disciple Self-assessment

The disciple self-assessment tool has been designed to help you identify where you are on your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ by providing 30 questions related to your Character (being like Jesus) and your Competency (doing the things that Jesus did).